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EKO STORIES: A Malady of Change

Post Series: Eko Stories

“Lekki, Jakande, Ajah!” Rasta shouted at the top of his voice. “Hold your hundred naira, no change o!””
The passengers trickled in.
“Hold your hundred naira, no change o!” he repeated, “Five hundred, one thousand, no change o! Abeg, I dey tell una now o, if you gimme five-hundred, I go drop you for road o! Express, bridge, roundabout, e no matter, I go drop you for road!”
He turns to the first passenger, a curvaceous lady in the front seat, her makeup glittering like star dust, her mouth swinging noisily from side to side as she murdered the gum she chewed.
“Aunty Owo’da.”
She turns lazily to him and pulls out a mint one-thousand naira note.
Rasta’s eyebrows raise and he points at the money.
“Aunty, the chingum wey you dey site like mosquito,” he pointed to his ear, “e be like say e dey worry you for head.”

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